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The Wicker Coffee Table: The Heroine of the Living Room

The Wicker Coffee Table: The Heroine of the Living Room

The wicker coffee table is popularly used for any interior design. This is because of its natural material which is often made of thin and long bamboo or wooden pieces. Sometimes it can be made of rattan too. The wicker is light weight and the dynamics of this material enables it to be used for any type of furniture. The most popular wicker furniture is the wicker coffee table and some chairs.

If you have a plain and simple living room, a wicker coffee table will add more texture and color to your space. It will be a complete standout. Just make sure that there are clean lines without patterns and really subtle colors; these will make sure that your coffee table can be a stunning piece in any relaxed and quite unmade home.

There are many ways to decorate a wicker coffee table. You can easily transform its look by painting it with a lovely hue. White and pastel colors are favorite options. For modern spaces, the white color is mostly chosen.

It’s easy to have a more natural or Zenlike look by using a wicker table as centerpiece. Since it is from natural materials, it will be better to combine it with other elements from nature such as a stone or pebbles and plants that will resemble nature and give your living room a more relaxing and natural appeal.

Designing is not the only thing that any wicker furniture can offer. Using wicker furniture often comes with other great advantages such as the following:


From the get-go, wicker is already naturally pleasing aesthetically speaking. It comes with a natural and organic look that is easily customizable to create a wide array of creative designs. It can be molded and changed to suit the preferences of a particular individual. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, wicker will always have a natural appeal which is hard to find in any other material.


Wicker may be light weight, but it is far from being brittle. In fact, you can leave it out in the rain. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is proper maintenance.

Low Maintenance

It is easy to clean wicker furniture. You only need to dust it off regularly to bring out its natural color. Because it is light weight, it is easy to move around when cleaning.


There are no rough edges and pointed corners in a wicker furniture. This makes it safe even when children are around.


Aviles Storage Coffee Table - Artisan Oak and Dark Accents

Maintaining Oak Furniture

Maintaining Oak Furniture

Oak is a popular material to use for creating furniture because of its durability, strength, and exquisite charm. It has prominent grain that means spots and dings blend together. However, oak is porous; and it is easy to stain especially if it does not have a modern finish like varnish that can help it to stand the test of time and harsh weather. Oak requires proper maintenance to prevent it from becoming dry and cracked. To be able to maintain it, it has to be protected from having extreme temperature fluctuations, sun, heat, and moisture.

You have to abide by the instruction manual.

Wood furniture went through a different treatment. That’s why it’s important to read the instruction manual for its proper maintenance. Once you buy dark oak coffee table for instance ask for a pamphlet that includes proper care instructions. When the furniture does not come with any special care instructions, you may adhere to the more general instructions instead.

Don’t forget to sand and stain the furniture if necessary.

When you are working with untreated oak furniture, it is important for you to lightly sand the surface of the furniture. This will make it smooth and ensure that the stain becomes even. Make sure that the sawdust is removed before the whole thing is stained. The wood stain can be applied using a brush. You may also use cloth that has been dipped in stain. There are different types of stains that can be used on oak. These are the one step stain and finish, oil-based, and water-based types.

Seal the oak by applying a finish.

It is easy for oak to absorb dirt if it is not sealed with a finish. Once it is applied with stain, don’t forget to apply a finish. A strong polyurethane can be used as well as a penetrating-oil finish that ensure a lovely finish. The following are some examples of penetrating-oil finish: Danish oil, Tung oil, and antique oil. This will have to be reapplied regularly.

It is imperative to clean the oak furniture.

A sealed and finished oak furniture may only require wiping it with a damp cloth. You only need a soft dry cloth to do that. For the unsealed oak, it’s better to use a gentle wood oil and then apply it with a moisturizing polish. For oak wood protection, you need to use soft cotton cloths and protect your hands with hand gloves when you work.

Scandinavian Coffee Table

Factors to Consider with Themed Furniture

A huge number of individuals today have a habit of changing the interior design of their homes on a regular basis. Popular trends can contribute greatly in helping them decide to go for a particular design and décor. One of these trends can be found in the form of themed furniture with different countries representing their own design and setting to the world. Let us look at some of the factors that you may want to consider with regards to buying a furniture with a specific theme.

Research in Advance

As mentioned earlier, people today will not be finding any shortage of furniture themes coming from different parts of the world. Each of these furniture pieces has their own respective features and designs that helps set them apart from each other. You will want to achieve harmony when buying these items so this is the reason why many find it important to spend time in researching for them in advance.

For instance, you don’t want to buy a Scandinavian coffee table and not have the complementary pieces to help complete their look. The Scandinavian theme has been growing in popularity with it receiving their fair share of the spotlight over the years. With that being said, the furniture alone will not be enough to achieve a Scandinavian look as you will also need to research extensively about the rigth colours, lighting, accents and decors. This will definitely go a long way in helping avoid inconsistencies with your design.

The Item Availability

Homeowners may have found a particular setting or theme that you want to achieve for their homes however, they may want to hold off with their plan just yet. The reason behind this is that they will need to determine the availability of these items first. It should be noted that there is a chance that the furniture items that are foreign in your region may be much harder to obtain while at the same time, usually become more expensive to acquire.

You may be pleased to hear that more and more furniture stores today have slowly been setting up and integrating their items over the internet. This in turn makes it fairly easy for their customers to browse their item catalogue at their very own leisure and pace. Furthermore, most stores today offer free shipment and delivery with their items which offers an extra layer of convenience for their clients.


Homestyle GB Walnut Coffee Table

Achieving a Unique Look for Your Living Room

Achieving a Unique Look for Your Living Room

It should be noted that people today will not be finding any shortage of interior designs and décor that they can pursue each with their own features that helps set them apart from each other. Many consider the living room to be one of the most important parts of the home especially when receiving guests and visitors. As a result, a huge number of owners put more effort in designing this particular part of the household. Let us look at some tips on how to help you achieve a unique look for your living room.

Consider Your Location

Your location will have a huge impact when designing your living room. Home owners will want to get unique furniture however, before you decide to go to a store to get one it may be a good idea to consider your location first. For instance, home owners living in the Eastern parts of the world may be able to make good use of the unique look a Western inspired furniture is able to give to them. On the other hand, people who are situated in the Western area can benefit greatly from Asian furniture such as a Japanese coffee table. Your guests will find your furniture choice to be unique and out of the ordinary which is something home owners want to achieve.

Find Complementary Pieces

Aside from furniture, home owners should also find complementary pieces that they will able to help accentuate their interior design. A huge number of individuals were able to do just that with the help of accessories to bring that elegant touch to their space. Those who are looking to achieve an Asian look and feel with their living room will be able to make good use of accent furniture. These are known as furniture pieces that complements a room’s décor which allows allowing them to easily stand out as a result.

Those who are looking to try out a Japanese coffee table for their living room may want to skip getting traditional chairs but instead consider adding some floor pillows to match their theme and setting.

It is good to hear that home owners today are able to easily purchase and acquire unique as most of them can be found over the internet. A lot of furniture stores today have slowly been putting their products on their respective online store fronts. Find unique furniture items online and have them delivered straight through your doorsteps today!


Baumhaus Coastal Chic Coffee Table

How to Save Money with Coffee Table Purchase

How to Save Money with Coffee Table Purchase

It should be noted that many consider coffee tables to be one of the highlights of their living room. This is often the furniture that is used to accommodate guests and visitors. This is the reason why several homeowners find it necessary to find a quality coffee table that offers both style and function to impress their guests. Let us look at some tips on how to help you find coffee tables at reasonable prices.

Plan Your Purchase

A common misconception some people have with coffee tables is that they can be quite expensive to purchase and own. This however is not completely true as some were able to acquire these types of furniture without spending a fortune. This is made possible with the right planning and preparation in mind. Planning your purchase can help you sort your list of coffee table options excluding the ones with features that you may not entirely need. This in turn helps customers save a fair amount of time and convenience as a result.

Buy from Reputable Bargain Stores

Home owners may be pleased to hear that they can get great furniture items at decent prices by buying them in bargain stores. Aside from garage sales, there are also business establishments such as Home Bargains that are known to provide top furniture brands at bottom prices. This helps give a number of people a good amount of opportunity to buy a variety of furniture items without hurting their budget.

It should be noted that Home Bargains is continually working to the expand the reach of their products. This is the reason why people today will be able to find items such as a home bargains coffee table being featured and sold in other online furniture store fronts. Many consider this to be a very much welcomed feature as brand recognition and familiarity can help encourage a purchase.

Look for Deals Online

Another great method of saving money with your coffee table purchase is by looking for deals over the internet. Several online furniture stores today offer promos and discounts with a number of their items from time to time. These types of deals will definitely go a long way in helping their customers find great furniture pieces to complement their homes. Most of these deals are posted on their website making it a good idea to visit their site from time to time.




Leaf Marble Coffee Table - Stone International

Why People Go for Popular Brands with Furniture

Why People Go for Popular Brands with Furniture

Furniture items has become more accessible with stores setting up and integrating their products over the internet. This in turn has led to an increase of furniture items being made available to the online community. Furthermore, this also helps give less known furniture brands an opportunity to sell their items over the internet. With that being said, brand names and recognition are often one of the first thing that comes to mind when people look for furniture pieces to add to their homes for a number of reasons. Let us explore some of the factors as to why more individuals leaning towards branded furniture.

Provides Relief and Assurance

Going for popular brands often give shoppers a huge amount of relief as they know that the furniture items that they are getting will be in good shape and condition. It should be noted that popular furniture brands have garnered a huge following making quite a positive name for themselves over the years. These brands will not want to tarnish the reputation that they’ve worked on for a long period of time. As a result, these companies make sure that they take the extra care and caution when creating their furniture items.

Helps Save You Time and Convenience

Homeowners today will be able to maximize the time they spend in looking for furniture items by adding a popular brand name with their search. As such, people don’t need to search high and low just to find the furniture item that they are looking for. Popular brands oftentimes have the exact model that you may be looking for but are offered in a much better quality. This is the reason why many find their purchase and acquisition to be a very much worthwhile form of investment. They will be able to make good use of the furniture item that they are getting.

More Buying Options

You may be pleased to hear that more and more furniture stores in the present have included popular brand names with their product catalogue. As a result, you will often find items such as heals coffee table available in several online store fronts. Many consider this to be a very much welcomed feature as this greatly increases their likelihood of getting quality furniture items in a timely and orderly manner. Furthermore, most online furniture stores today offer free shipment and delivery with their products making purchase easy and hassle free.

Sleek Grey Glass Coffee Table

Give Your Living Room a Fresh Look with Acrylic Furniture

Give Your Living Room a Fresh Look with Acrylic Furniture

Furniture items come in different shapes and sizes, and the same can also be said with regards to the materials that they are made of. Furniture material can play a huge role in helping decide a purchase. Home owners today are a good balance between function and style with regards to their furniture pieces and many were able to find just that in the form of acrylic. Let us look at the growing popularity of acrylic furniture and why it is endeared by many.

Out of the Ordinary

It is important to note that acrylic is not a completely new material as they are used in a variety of everyday items. Among the list that comes to mind include signs, sales displays, roof windows, lenses and screens. Modern technology has contributed greatly in helping further expand their usage and worth. This can be seen with the introduction of acrylic furniture. Items such as an acrylic coffee table can now be easily found over the internet. Acrylic is considered to be niche furniture material and this allows them to stand out from their traditional furniture counterpart.

Plethora of Benefits

Aside from their aesthetic look, acrylic furniture is also known to be quite durable and does not get broken off so easily. They are ideal as both indoor and outdoor furniture because of its UV resistant properties protecting themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Furthermore, the material itself is also non-toxic making it environment friendly. Last but definitely not the least is that they are fairly easy to clean.

Acrylic Maintenance Tips

It should be noted that just like any other furniture material, acrylic will require its fair share of maintenance in order to keep them in good shape and condition. Aside from cleaning them regularly, it also important for owners to take extra care and caution with some chemicals such as ammonia and others that are present in detergents or cleaners. These chemicals are known to make acrylic to become cloudy while others can cause the yellow layer on their surface.

Acrylic can also scratch easily when it gets into contact with sharp or abrasive items. This is the reason why many home owners find it a good idea to invest in getting several drink coasters to use with their acrylic coffee tables.

Regardless of their cons, many find acrylic furniture to be a worthy addition to their homes. Get yours today!

Rustica Oak Storage Coffee Table

Why Consider Rustic Oak for Your Coffee Table

Why Consider Rustic Oak for Your Coffee Table

Material is considered to be the foundation of any furniture. Furthermore, this will also have a huge impact on how they look. This is the reason why a huge number of homeowners today make sure to find the necessary furniture material that provides both substance and style. There is a plethora of options to choose from but the classic wood particularly, the rustic oak is endeared by many. Let us look at some of the reasons why you may want to opt for a rustic oak coffee table for your next purchase.

Passes the Durability Test

It should be noted that durability is one of the main important features people are looking for with regard to their furniture. They want these items to be in good shape and condition for a considerable period in order to get the most out of their purchase. Fortunately, rustic oak is able to do just that with its innate properties. It falls under the hardwood timber category which means that it is extremely durable and naturally resistant to knocks, scratches and dents.

Flexible and Versatile

Rustic oak will be able to easily blend to a number of households because of its natural flexibility and versatility. This is made possible because of the natural light tones that it possesses which makes it relatively easy to apply color and finishing to match your personal taste and preferences while at the same time, match the existing interior in your home. As such, homeowners will be able to integrate a rustic oak coffee table in their living room with relative ease.

Stands the Test of Time

We mentioned earlier just how much durability rustic oak has which allows them to last for a long time. Rustic oak lends itself well with both contemporary and traditional interior designs giving it a timeless and natural look as a result. This is perfect for those who have a habit of mixing things up with their home through renovations. There is no need to buy a new rustic oak coffee table as they will be able to blend with any design and pattern.

Another thing to note is that the material itself also gets better with age. People may be able to notice that the grain profile and color will get richer with rustic oak and this is the reason why many consider their purchase to be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Prism Coffee Table - Glass and Stainless Steel Rose Gold - Urban Deco

How to Decorate Space Using a Coffee Table

How to Decorate Space Using a Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be classy and homey depending on how you want it to be. There are those that go for the classic elegant theme while others are intended for a rustic look. The golden rule in choosing a coffee table is to pick one that complements the space of your and blends with the other furniture. The best part of a coffee table is that this furniture is encompassing. It’s that furniture that combines form, function, style, and service. The following are some tips for you to consider when getting a coffee table for your home:

You have to make sure that it relates to the room itself.

When you choose a coffee table, you have to consider the balance, clearance, dimensions, and other important elements in the room. In general the coffee table must be two-thirds of the sofa’s length. When it comes to shape, the layout of the room has to be considered and the amount of space needed for people to move around. You can play up with space. For instance, for you to have a heavier round and classic design, you can put a mirror coffee table as accent around furniture pieces that have tailored shapes and longer legs.

You have to take note of the shape.

An organically shaped wooden coffee table can complement with the straight lines of furniture. It is possible to balance the straight lines produced by furniture in the room by adding an ovular or circular piece. Round shapes are also child-friendly. It’s always helpful to have a mix of shapes and patterns to make the space more personal.

Make sure to create balance.

In general, you may have fun with different shapes; however, make sure that there is balance in the shapes. If the room has so many square shaped elements, mix it up by putting circular or an oval coffee table in the center. There are no hard and fast rules in what coffee table to buy. You can make a strong statement with the coffee table you buy. The coffee table has to be slightly lower than the sofa or it must be of the same height. Keep it in mind that a mirror coffee table can make a room appear formal yet sexy.

Get creative with your coffee table.

You can use colors to decorate the space through your coffee table. Colors must always compliment or contrast. Practicality and durability are also crucial.




Turin Brown Marble Coffee Table - Urban Deco

Maintaining the Look of Your Marble Coffee Table

Maintaining the Look of Your Marble Coffee Table

Marble is a popular material that is used in a wide variety of furniture. A quick search for marble furniture will produce a great number of results in a couple of seconds. There is indeed a lot of things homeowners can look forward to when they decide to outfit their homes with items such as marble effect coffee table. With that being said, just like any other furniture maintenance will play a huge role in helping keep them in good shape and condition. Let us look at some tips on how to help you get the most out of your marble tables.

The Increasing Popularity of Marble

It should be noted that the popularity and success of marble can be attributed to the way they look. Marble offers a stylish design and a gorgeous sleek look and this allows them to easily stand out from the rest of other furniture material counterparts. As a result, they never go out of style and will be able to easily blend with the interior design of any homes. Another noteworthy feature is that marble is also available in a variety of beautiful and natural colors making it possible for homeowners to achieve a contemporary, modern, traditional, ornate and antique designs, whichever you may choose for your space.

Taking Care of Your Marble Table

Just like any other piece of furniture, a good amount of maintenance is required in order to keep your marble tables in tip top shape. For starters, you will want to keep scratches at a minimum making sure to attend to them right away by using a mild abrasive. Ignoring the scratches that you see with your marble coffee table is not advised as this can make them susceptible in collecting acids and water which causes further deterioration.

As mentioned earlier, marble tables can scratch easily, and this is the reason why many find it a good idea to invest in buying a lot of coasters and place mats for added protection. Coffee spills can harm their surface and the same can also be said with regards to wine, juices, dressings, as well as condiments. With that being said, those who stuck with marble table with greatly rewarded their efforts. Proper care and maintenance will definitely go a long way which makes it even possible for these tables to outlast every other piece of furniture found in your home. Invest in a marble coffee table for your living room today!