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The Wicker Coffee Table: The Heroine of the Living Room

The wicker coffee table is popularly used for any interior design. This is because of its natural material which is often made of thin and long bamboo or wooden pieces. Sometimes it can be made of rattan too. The wicker is light weight and the dynamics of this material enables it to be used for any type of furniture. The most popular wicker furniture is the wicker coffee table and some chairs.

If you have a plain and simple living room, a wicker coffee table will add more texture and color to your space. It will be a complete standout. Just make sure that there are clean lines without patterns and really subtle colors; these will make sure that your coffee table can be a stunning piece in any relaxed and quite unmade home.

There are many ways to decorate a wicker coffee table. You can easily transform its look by painting it with a lovely hue. White and pastel colors are favorite options. For modern spaces, the white color is mostly chosen.

It’s easy to have a more natural or Zenlike look by using a wicker table as centerpiece. Since it is from natural materials, it will be better to combine it with other elements from nature such as a stone or pebbles and plants that will resemble nature and give your living room a more relaxing and natural appeal.

Designing is not the only thing that any wicker furniture can offer. Using wicker furniture often comes with other great advantages such as the following:


From the get-go, wicker is already naturally pleasing aesthetically speaking. It comes with a natural and organic look that is easily customizable to create a wide array of creative designs. It can be molded and changed to suit the preferences of a particular individual. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, wicker will always have a natural appeal which is hard to find in any other material.


Wicker may be light weight, but it is far from being brittle. In fact, you can leave it out in the rain. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is proper maintenance.

Low Maintenance

It is easy to clean wicker furniture. You only need to dust it off regularly to bring out its natural color. Because it is light weight, it is easy to move around when cleaning.


There are no rough edges and pointed corners in a wicker furniture. This makes it safe even when children are around.


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