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How to Decorate Space Using a Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be classy and homey depending on how you want it to be. There are those that go for the classic elegant theme while others are intended for a rustic look. The golden rule in choosing a coffee table is to pick one that complements the space of your and blends with the other furniture. The best part of a coffee table is that this furniture is encompassing. It’s that furniture that combines form, function, style, and service. The following are some tips for you to consider when getting a coffee table for your home:

You have to make sure that it relates to the room itself.

When you choose a coffee table, you have to consider the balance, clearance, dimensions, and other important elements in the room. In general the coffee table must be two-thirds of the sofa’s length. When it comes to shape, the layout of the room has to be considered and the amount of space needed for people to move around. You can play up with space. For instance, for you to have a heavier round and classic design, you can put a mirror coffee table as accent around furniture pieces that have tailored shapes and longer legs.

You have to take note of the shape.

An organically shaped wooden coffee table can complement with the straight lines of furniture. It is possible to balance the straight lines produced by furniture in the room by adding an ovular or circular piece. Round shapes are also child-friendly. It’s always helpful to have a mix of shapes and patterns to make the space more personal.

Make sure to create balance.

In general, you may have fun with different shapes; however, make sure that there is balance in the shapes. If the room has so many square shaped elements, mix it up by putting circular or an oval coffee table in the center. There are no hard and fast rules in what coffee table to buy. You can make a strong statement with the coffee table you buy. The coffee table has to be slightly lower than the sofa or it must be of the same height. Keep it in mind that a mirror coffee table can make a room appear formal yet sexy.

Get creative with your coffee table.

You can use colors to decorate the space through your coffee table. Colors must always compliment or contrast. Practicality and durability are also crucial.




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